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As most people know, smoking is one of the principal preventable causes of illness and premature death in Scotland. Currently in Grampian, just over 1 in 5 adults (22%) smoke, although the figure is much higher amongst our disadvantaged communities. Stopping smoking can increase people’s life expectancy at any age but people who stop smoking tend to also enjoy immediate benefits like having extra cash and a renewed sense of taste.

Research suggests that the majority of people who smoke would like to stop and that people are more likely to quit successfully with help from smoking advice services. Making sure we know what support is available in NHS Grampian will mean we are ready to provide helpful information if patients, their visitors or our colleagues ask us.

In addition to helping people stop smoking, Scotland has long had a proactive approach to protecting people from the harmful effects of other people’s smoke. In 2005, Scotland was the first country in the UK to introduce the act of parliament which made it an offence to smoke in enclosed public spaces. NHS Grampian has recognised that it must lead by example, and along with the rest of NHS in Scotland, healthcare sites and grounds throughout NHS Grampian became smoke-free in April 2015.

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To arrange training for your team please contact NHS Grampian's Tobacco Trainer Denise Kazmierczak by email: denise.kazmierczak@nhs.net  or call 01224 558671. 

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